Car Windscreen Repair

It’s a known fact that car windscreens are extremely prone to scratches, cracks or damages caused mostly by loose road surface, road debris or even windscreen wipers. There’s no doubt that in addition to being a nuisance, blemished windscreens can be extremely dangerous in case of an accident. Precisely for this reason, it is imperative to go for windscreen repairs in case they are cracked or chipped to avoid further damage.

You can’t underestimate the importance of windscreen because they are far more than a sheet of glass protecting you other elements; windscreen is a strength, safety and necessity.

Accounting up to 30% of the overall strength and stiffness of the vehicle, once damaged the safety of the driver is completely impaired.

But considering you can replace your windscreen any time you want, why should you go for repairs in the first place? Well, some of the most popular benefits of getting your windshield repaired are:-

-You don’t have to book for your windscreen replacement which will save you much time

-Usually, windshields are expensive. By fixing them, you will save a lot of money

-Rather than replace an entire windscreen, it’s much more environment-friendly to repair them. Not only the manufacture of a windscreen costs a lot of energy, but an old windscreen dumped in the landfill will also remain there forever. By repairing them, you will be saving natural resources and energy.

But it’s true that not all windscreens can be repaired. There will be some which have endured massive damages and in such cases replacement is the only option. But how do you ascertain whether your windscreen needs replacement or repairs?

Well, that’s not a problem these days as there are several companies today who offer repairs and auto glass replacement services. These companies are more than willing to inspect your vehicle before deciding whether it needs replacement or repairs.

But these aren’t the only two options to fix your windscreens. There are also DIY windscreen repair kits available these days which are perfect for repairing a stone chip or crack in your windscreens. These kits come with simple instructions which involve applying a very durable resin over the damaged area. By minimising the appearance of cracks and chips, the resin will prevent any further damage. But obviously, compared to auto technicians, the effects of DIY repairs won’t be as great.

There’s no doubt that our cars are probably one of our biggest investments which is why we need to maintain them to prolong their road worthiness. Not all car problems require the expense of hiring a technician; there are certain steps which you can implement on your own like applying anti-corrosion waxes to protect the exterior and interior of the car from rusting.

Windscreens predominantly serve two crucial functions- provides the driver forward vision while driving and protecting them from harsh weather conditions, the wind and flying debris. Precisely for this reason, it is imperative to go for windscreen repairs even if you have the slightest doubt that the strength of your windscreen has been hampered.